About This Blog

This blog – whose title is my name followed by the word ‘politics’ – will be a blog about politics, written by me. In case that wasn’t clear.
I’m a new member of the Green Party (part of the so-called #Greensurge), and hold a low-level position by virtue of being the first person to volunteer to do it (Youth and Students Officer in the Teesside Green Party).
Over recent months I’ve had discussions in various arenas, where occasionally I’ve made what I consider to be good arguments, but by the nature of where they were made (verbal discussions, comments sections of articles, facebook and message boards) those arguments quickly disappear into the ether.
So this blog is partially a way to more permanently host my thoughts, and partially a platform for me to occasionally have a bit of a polite rant.
Aside from the practicalities of expanding a new branch of the Green Party (my local branch is just over a year old) the main cause I’ve been involved in has been the campaign for free university education  – I took part in the Free Education march in November of last year.
As part of the Free Education campaign, members of the Green Party have been working with members of the Teesside University Labour Party Society as well, increasingly, with people who are members of neither party. I’ve taken part in various non-party campaigns and events, including against the privatisation of the NHS and excessive benefit sanctions, so I’m a fan of the idea of the ‘broad left’.
In this blog I’ll be making the case for the Green Party of England and Wales, as well as, more generally, for socialism, renewable energy, Universal Basic Income, and free university education.